Digital Artists Online is a way to earn
free Bitcoin everyday. It is in Beta testings so please be patient if
there are some issues to be fixed.They have 6 sites where you can earn
free Bitcoin.You just login with Facebook and you`re good to go! Just
scroll on each page to find the DigitalArtistsOnline logo with the
Facebook login box.

The minimum for cashout is 20000 satoshi, paid each Monday.

At the moment they pay to verified Coinbase accounts(you must verify your
account through email and add your phone number).So first create your
Coinbase account here for free!

Scroll any page and find the Digital Artists Online logo,login with your Facebook and
start earning FREE Bitcoin!

Depending on the site you are,you will get different amounts of reward points (satoshis).Click Claim Reward and solve the captcha to be credited.Then you must wait for the timer to reach 0 again to claim again.

All the satoshis claimed on all 6 sites go to your Digital Artists Online account.

 Click any logo,scroll the page,login with   Facebook and start earning FREE Bitcoin!


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 You can keep all 6 sites open at the same time and claim from all as the timer reaches 0.

On our site You can find widget. At the every post bottom and same You can earn free satoshi from our site.

Good Luck!


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