Before 6 months we start invest in this Investment/Mining Company(PPI) and before few days Company going out with $200,000 worth Shares for his members.

Soo after 6 months PPI Company grow 6, 10 times what is very good result at todays Cryptocurrency World.

“Share pack contain 50 shares and cost 100$, you can buy unlimited number of packs. All your purchases will be saved till we start officialy with Share Market Platform at 17.11.2017

Big interest tell’s me this is going to be just 1st round of our shares which makes me very proud and happy.Remember you have in this platform 3% commision and 10% more shares if you purchase in this PROMO period! Start your promotion, tell your friends as this is going to be huge and profitable for all members. Keep following group updates, soon we will bring you more surprise.
Have a nice day and enjoy!”

First 1,000 Shares done 4,000 to go


“Guys those people who still thinking to buy shares or not i have to tell them after share market starts ,as share experts gave estimation share price will be 150% just after the launch and after 2-3 months it can be 3x means 6$ and after one year it will cross 10$ that mean over 500% return ,yes it is more profitable than mining ,just buy and store them and when share price rises sell them you will get over 500% return within 1 year”

One more time to people who didnt hear about PPI Company.

PPI-Platform Project Investments- Mining Money Making Platform

Our Services

Our mining project contains six plans starting from 50$ to 5000$. You can purchase an unlimited amount of the same or different plans. Every plan includes a valid and legal signed contract for 12 months with guaranteed minimum earnings of 20% per month.

CAPITAL INVEST Return after 12 months 3 Months by 33%

Facebook Page – PPI-Official (platform-projects-investment)

PPI Official Page

Stop waste time and join to PPI Family =)

You are all very welcome!!!



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