Platform Projects Investments (PPI)!


I’m Mirko Stijakovic CEO and owner Platform Projects Investments (PPI).

First of all i want to say thanks to each person who read my introduction it will mean that more people heard for PPI. Which is my mission and satisfaction.

PPI have well developed business in crypto mining field along with other business investments.  As the name speak for himself we also seek for new platforms and projects to invest our goods and make partnerships all over the world.

PPI provide stability to members, we all breath like one. We have standard and reputation to maintain. With constant, no delay payments we keep our family happy and moving small steps forward.

What we actualy do?

We have crypto currency mining farms in Venezuela, we have great conditions there covered with cheap electricity power, trustful partners and great relationship.

Next project!

Our next project is mining farm in Tunisia as we already started business there proudly can say we are fully cooperative on two continents.

Why joining us?

We dont give more then we can prommise and guarantee. Our investment plans are carefuly calculated and provide excact earnings compare with investment. Our all plans are covered with 12 months contract and other plan details you can see in picture bellow. What we also offer is great capital money return. After finish 12 months of contract your money will be returned in next 3 months in 3 indentical instalments of 33%. So your complete return will be : Complete plan ROI % + Capital 99%.

Platform Projects Investment plans:


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