Westland Storage Investment


The investment of WestLand Storage ICO’s and Token WLS is a new in the world of Blockchain tehnology.


Get 1% daily lifelong!!!

Westland Storage offers you to become a share owner of real estate around the world. Buy square feet of real estate and get a daily profit from their lease

Westland Storage LTD is a leading company in the development of the world’s Real Estate market, and with the increasing number of current cryptocurrency users, Westland Storage has taken steps early by introducing their highly innovative DiceLand Blockchain-based technology, which aims to transform the Real Estate market to be more open, affordable, and highly transparent.

What is DiceLand Tehnology?

DiceLand Technology is a Blockchain-based technology created by the specialists of WestLand Storage, which allows to decentralize the real estate market and making possible the tokenization of any real estate.

How it works?

Thanks to DiceLand technology, the company’s clients are given the opportunity to invest in real estate with a low entry threshold of only $10.

DiceLand technology is currently running on the private blockchain-system HyperLedger. And after the ICO, we will choose another working environment of the public blockchain.

What is the tokenization of real estate?

Owning any real estate, you will be 100% holder of its tokens, for which all rights and obligations are secured. You can transfer tokens or share ownership with others. With the help of our platform, you can sell, buy or transfer real estate in just a few clicks.

Why do we attract customers?

To bring DiceLand technology to the world level, extensive expansion of the company and attraction of investments are required. After achieving the necessary level of development, the company will conduct an ICO and show the world the final version of DiceLand.

Simple Investments with CryptoCoins!

For a period of investment in Westland Storage is a lifetime and can be inherited to our heirs later, to get another advantage in Westland Storage is to run affiliate programs consisting of level 1 and level 2, which we can get affiliate bonuses amounting to 10% of affiliate level 1 and 5% of affiliate level 2, and good news again after ICO’s done and WLS Token will become WLS cryptocurrency and will be traded in cryptocurrency exchange market then active WLS Token deposit that we get from bounty program will is ours completely and will also be available WLS Crypto personal digital wallet, for the future WLS crypto can be used to pay rent or buy Real Estate property around the world only by using WLS crypto and also we can trade in cryptocurrency market like Binance, Changely, Bittrex, and do not forget our local exchange indodax and te there is still a lot of features that will be developed again in Westland Storage, so what are you waiting for your friends, whether you will only be a spectator or a player, the choice is in your hands, let’s welcome with a bright future in Westland Storage LTD.


Official Website: https://westlandstorage.com/





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