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Blockchain-Powered Money Transfers and Microfinance Services

Everex is a blockchain-based capital transfer system that aims to enable and ease the financial inclusion of unbanked, or underbanked people around the world.

Everex proposes the Cryptocash, a cryptocurrency, where each unit has its value pegged to, and a name based on, the fiat currency it represents. Users convert local fiat currencies to Cryptocash using a currency exchange and transfer the coins to their Everex wallet.

Cryptocash balances are provably underwritten by actual balances held in accounts of licensed financial institutions. The Everex system provides its users access to financial services using Cryptocash, without the volatility issues of existing, non-stablecoin cryptocurrencies.

Everex enables you to transfer, borrow, and trade in any fiat currency, anywhere.
No Bank account required. With settling times below 30 seconds, transaction costs of a few cents,
and global support, the world’s markets are in the palm of your hand.


Everex website:

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