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Paragon Coin – PRG | Based on: Ethereum

Total token supply: 200,000,000

100,000,000 token for Stage 1 Token Crowdsale 50%

The initial token price will be set at $1 when it goes on sale on September 15. During the first 5 hours of the Token Crowdsale we will offer an early bird 5% discount, price will remain at $1 for the remaining of the first 24 hours and will increase $0.05 each 24 hours for 30 days or until all tokens sold.

50,000,000 tokens reserved for Stage 2 Token Crowdsale 25%

Stage 2 will happen no sooner than 2021, and all tokens will be sold at market price, not at a fixed $1 USD value.

The remaining 50,000,000 PRG will be held in reserve as follows (important note: all percentage below will be adjusted in accordance with actual amount raised, e.g. if we sell 70M of 100M tokens, the following numbers will be multiplied by 0.7):

  • Paragon Reserve Fund 40,000,000 PRG
  • Community Controlled Reserve 10,000,000 PRG

The Paragon Reserve Fund operates as part of our business model, ensuring a stable token with a bright future. It is in our best interests to ensure that the PRG purchasing power grows over time and market manipulation is avoided.

For more information, please read our whitepaper


We will create a chain of high-tech, fully equipped ParagonCoin Centers in all 20 States where cannabis is legal with the following:

Professional coworking space for cannabis and a creative hub for scientists, journalists, investors, marketers, doctors, developers, fintech specialists, entrepreneurs, startups and lawyers in the cannabis space

Business mentors and advisors

Conference, event, research and educational space for the legalized cannabis industry

Photo/Audio/video studio for product shoots, interviews, podcasts, etc.

Social Club / Café for Paragon Coin Club members

Web and in-app co-working, event, conference reservation system with instant PRG payment

Member dashboard for membership registration, transaction history, networking, scheduling, event lists, etc.

Cafe/snacks menu and simple checkout process with PRG

Specialized Retail services and SPAs with CBD products at a flagship location with PRG payment and tipping (retail of cannabis products at SPAs limited to jurisdictions where such cannabis products are legal)



Two parts: APIs and community

APIs give access to all non-private data accumulated in blockchain. Community posting allow for voting (votes = earnings). Community controlled fund allocation.

Online Community

Whereas, ParagonSpace is the heart of our organization, the ParagonOnline Community will be the mind. We will implement the best-practices of sites like SteemIt and Reddit to create an incentivized and controlled community designed to efficiently channel the efforts of our members towards the definition and achievement of our priority goals.

ParagonOnline is by design a “community-based” online space, where tasks, functions, goals and priorities are defined and re-defined in real-time, by the community. At inception, we envision the main tasks of the community to be as follows:

ParagonOnline will serve as the reservation and clearinghouse system for ParagonSpace. Community members will be offered space based on their standing in the community on the basis of upvotes and downvotes (each costing 0.01 PRG) received from their contributions to ParagonBoard. ParagonBoard will be the central station for exchange and development of ideas and knowledge that further our priority goals. At inception, we will have the following sections: Current Legal Issues, Political Legalization Effort, Technical Development, New Business Ideas, New Priorities. This is primarily where community members will earn UpVotes.



  • Build trust via immutable ledger
  • Apps interact with information stored in blockchain.
  • All product lifecycle events stored forever.
  • Anonymous patient identification.

Government Regulation Compliance

  • A State ID Database
  • B Doctor Accreditation
  • C Lab Certification
  • D State Certification
  • E Dispensary Permits
  • F Inventory Verification
  • G Retail Verification

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