What is RainPool.io?

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Rainpool.io is a unique, take on the classic Faucet Rotator by adding various extensions and, most importantly, revenue sharing! By using there rotator you can earn even more as we pay out our ref earnings back to you.

How do I earn more Free Bitcoin?
Just keep claiming using there site’s faucet browser. The more you claim, the more referral earnings are sent to them. The more end up in the pool, the more you can earn back for FREE!

How It Works
Step 1: Visit a Faucet
Visit a faucet under there referral address
from the main page to get started

Step 2: Make a Claim
Make a faucet claim on the website like you
normally do to send referral earnings to us

Step 3: Chat & Earn Here
Come back to participate in the chatbox rains
and earn even more FREE Bitcoin for your efforts!

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