What is Fedora Coin(TIPS)?

Fedora Coin

FedoraCoin is one of the digital assets that act as a medium of exchange just like the other cryptocurrencies models in the market. FedoraCoin came online in the year 2013 as an open source and anonymous virtual currency which share a lot in common with Bitcoin. FedoraCoin is a mixture of Litecoin and Dogecoin and was introduced as the ideal type of cryptocurrency that allows users to tip each other as a form of gratitude in the online communities.

The Federo wallet comes with a specific address which can be used officially to send & receive TIPS. This type of digital currency exchange provides an easy to use interface that’s as simple as sending text messages. With this platform, you won’t need any intermediaries or brokers in order to send or receive your money. All the transactions and coin distribution are operated by an organized system of an algorithm called the Script. The coin missing feature makes the transactions absolutely confidential and untraceable.

Apart from serving as a currency exchange, FedoraCoin can also be used as conventional money for paying for goods and services as well as an investment tool. The FedoraCoin platform has been accepted as a payment option in most parts of the country due to its secured system that is reliable and most convenient for use; anywhere, anytime.

FedoraCoin has a well-designed mechanism that makes the system ten times faster than Bitcoin. The smooth operation of this currency exchange platform allows you to live in the very moment enabling you to send and receive payments almost instantly. FederaCoin was released under the MIT terms of license and its development has been verified to be safe and secured to handle any amounted transactions. The FederaCoin mining is a record-keeping service where the miners keep a close track of the blockchain consistency by repeatedly collecting and verifying the newly broadcast transactions as a set of transactions called ‘block’. Each new block has a collection of the previous blocks.

FederoCoin uses Altcoins that enables instant payments and can be efficiently mined with consumer-grade hardware. They provide faster transactions & instant confirmation where various algorithms can be used to target the GPUs and regular computers used by many people.

Since there is no sole owner of the FedoraCoin, neither a bank or a central authority, everybody can take part. The TIPS owners don’t pay any bank transfer fees and this allows them to send or receive wealth over the web securely, instantly, anonymously and free.

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