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Penta Core

What is PentaCore?

Mission Statement

PentaCore commits people, capital and ideas to help the clients we serve prepare for the digital currency and blockchain revolution.

Why PentaCore?

Our experienced fund managers will be using internally developed proprietary technology to help guide the fund into profitable positions. Our CVS (Crypto Volatility Score) is just one of the many tools our fund managers will have at their disposal. With these tools, PentaCore will be able to execute educated and timely trades while maintaining its diverse portfolio. PentaCore welcomes both the new investor just entering the space as well as advanced traders looking for a new avenue to invest. Our goal is to provide the ultimate user friendly experience and establish an amazing track record of continuous earnings year after year.

A top priority for PentaCore is to create a strong sense of community among its members. To differentiate from a traditional fund we will also be creating a members only communication platform named PentaPost. This allows our valued members the ability to contribute their own research, articles and ideas for the fund. Through this platform, we will also give each member a voice by allowing them to vote on the next altcoin we add to the fund. We also plan to utilize and leverage educational materials from our sister site as a valuable resource to all of our investors.

PentaCore’s 5 Core Values


Everyone on the Pentacore team will conduct themselves in a professional manner.


Every idea, product and solution is implemented with excellence.


We are always willing to embrace change and are ready to keep pace with the ever-changing crypto market.


Our international engineering and development team brings years of experience, especially when it comes to blockchain technology.


That everything we do begins and ends with you, our client, in mind.

Distribution of Penta Token

Token Value

1 ETH = 100 PCOR Tokens

Total Tokens Created


*All unsold tokens will be burned


Our International Team of Experienced and Dedicated Managers and Developers

David Nathan

Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer

David has nearly 20 years of financial experience specializing in investing, sales and lean operations management. He is also the founder of Learn Crypto Investing ( Before starting PentaCore, he managed several operations for banking and technology Fortune 500 companies including JPMorgan Chase, AIG, and CoreLogic. His vision is to lead the charge in bridging the gap needed to bring cryptocurrency mainstream. David holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from the University of Akron.

Jamie Nitze

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

James is a graduate of Harvard University and Tulane University Law School. A licensed attorney, he specializes in the fields of banking, corporate, finance, and securities law. James now focuses on blockchain technology and is one of the first attorneys to focus on cryptocurrency investments. He realizes how difficult it will be for the general population to fully understand its rules. People will need help, not only to understand them, but also to profit from them.

Robert Karpel

Chief Operations Officer

Robert is an accomplished sales leader involved in four different startups in the Boston, MA area. After spending nearly a decade working in this space he knows what it takes to drive results when implementing disruptive technology into a new market segment. His ability to connect with the heart-beating people, understand their needs and deliver a solution is what has proven to be successful.

Andrew Pancamo

Chief Accounting Officer

Andrew holds a master’s degree in Accounting and Taxation from Louisiana State University. As a licensed CPA, Andrew is has experience in the field of public accounting, including tax planning and compliance, auditing, and investing. Currently, he is conducting some of the industry’s first ever in-depth research studies on the tax and accounting implications of cryptocurrency.

Gevork Grigoryan

IT Advisor/ CEO at Gelinger Media

Gevork is providing IT advisory and technical backup for the ICO with his team. Gevork has more than 10 years’ experience in software development, project management and has extensive knowledge of web information delivery systems. His team specializes in Big Data, Bots and AI.

Simon Sahakyan

UI / UX Engineer at Gelinger Media

Simon is here to make marketing beautiful. Be it a small button or a huge booklet, Simon can turn a frog into a prince without the need of a kiss.

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