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Infinitecoin is a global alternative currency
Infinitecoin (IFC) Created in June 2013, is a script proof-of-work crypto-currency. IFC is a global alternative currency to fiat. IFC is a peer-to-peer (P2P) version of electronic cash that allows online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.

We Are de-centralized
Cryptography and the de-centralized nature of IFC is the key to Infinitecoin’s success. It’s the reason that no one can double spend, counterfeit or steal IFC. Infinitecoin is to be viable money for both current users and future adopters so we will maintain, improve and legally protect the integrity of the protocol to ensure this. You only have to look at the US banking crisis 2008 to see what can happen when centralized control takes over!

IFC is controlled by you!
The IFC network is configured so that no one central point has control, it’s controlled by the entire IFC mining community always checking each other’s work to ensure no-one is corrupting the block chain. This provides intrinsic security for the network. What sets IFC aside from other crypto-currencies is it has one of the largest coin counts, totaling 90,600,000,000 post mining and it will be one of the first to be completely mined out.

Infinitecoin’s global distribution
With our current wide global distribution, super-fast transaction times, and circulation volume that beats some of the top 5 coins this gives us a market edge. The distribution of IFC is one of the reasons IFC remains so strong but the imminent mined out future is also of great importance, none of us will survive to see the mined out future of Bitcoin and many other cryptos and it’s already becoming apparent that the small volume of bitcoins will force it to be priced very quickly out of the reach of the average consumer


30 seconds block target
Initially 524,288 (2^19) coins per block, halves every 86,400 blocks
Difficulty retargets every block, with accelerated retargets at the beginning
3 confirms per transaction
Total about 90.6 billion coins
Scrypt Proof-of-Work

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