IQ Option/Binatex trading software.

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Today aim going to present You the best and orginal IQ Option/Binatex trading software.

The owner of this software is MTechnology COO.

This is a unique offer to buy the only and appropriate software. This software is easy to use and you do not need great knowledge to trade binary options. Many have copied our program and sold it at great prices from $ 600 to $ 2,000, we think it’s a shame to be such a huge price for a copy of our software. You will receive all the information when purchasing one of our software.


GOLD OTC+ Software 2018 (98-99% accurate).

The best and only licenced software (No SDP 20014/17)

Trading ROBOT for price of $320 (98-99% accurate)

PREMIUM OTC+ Software 2018 (98-99% accurate).

Trading ROBOT for price of $250 (98-99% accurate)

Older version 2017-2018 (89% accurate).

Trading ROBOT for price of $100 (89% accurate)

How to trading at IQ Option in OTC trend, and what is GOOD or BAD trend for trading

How to trade on BINATEX platform?


Please, go first with trading on demo account and learn how to use Software. You need to be careful because level of risk with trading and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to losse.


You can buy software by PayPal, Skrill or Netteler.

-PAYPAL email:

-SKRILL email:

-NETELLER acount:

Before any purchase contact support team first.

MTechnology COO YouTube Channel.




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